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SEND Sensation 
Short Breaks, Clubs & Activities

Happy Hill is proud to be one of the six organisations that make up the SEND Sensation partnership.

SEND Sensation CIC was awarded the Essex Short Breaks Community Clubs & Activities funding in 2023 for Mid and North Essex.

As a partnership of locally trusted organisations their aim is to promote a level playing field and positive experiences for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities.

Short Breaks Passport ID:

In order to receive the short breaks funding from Essex County Council, children and young people are required to have a short breaks passport ID. To be eligible, they must meet the following criteria:

  • aged between 0-18, or 19-25 and have a personal budget

  • have a diagnosis of special educational needs and/or a disability

  • living within the administrative borders of Essex County Council



To register for your short breaks passport ID, please visit



Once you have received your short breaks passport ID, please register with SEND Sensation at


Once you have your short breaks passport ID and are registered with SEND Sensation, you can register for spaces at Happy Hill clubs and activities.

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Charity number: 1193856

Registered in England and Wales


Happy Hill Essex

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